How About some Costumes for Dogs?

Halloween costumes for dogsWe all know that dogs are people too so it stands to reason that they’re going to want to join in the fun at Halloween so check out these costumes for dogs.

Now I know that this costume isn’t pink and the dog isn’t a poodle but I have a ‘labradoodle’ (don’t laugh) who looks exactly like like this and she chose this costume as her favorite.

she told me we could change the bow tie to pink and add a pink hat band if I really feel the need but she actually likes it the way it is – there’s no gender stereo-typing in the dog world – and anyway she’s certain she can recall some famous star called Liza wearing something very similar!

However your pooch wants to wear this – they’re going to look very stylish indeed.

Check back soon as we’ll be adding more costumes for dogs, perhaps a bridal outfit to go with this?

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